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CIB MARS services include pre- and post-shipment inspections, factory inspections, infrastructure and construction inspections, installed equipment inspections and hygiene inspections. Compliance to relevant norms, requirements, regulations and standards is contingent upon the establishment of appropriate systems, processes and procedures.




CIBMARS is committed to helping our clients create products that consumers can trust by providing them with intelligent solutions. We integrate digital solutions that improve quality, safety and compliance data and accuracy with our on-the-ground knowledge. One of the top suppliers of testing, inspection and certification service.

We offer solutions to help our clients’ supply chains become safer and more effective while facilitating commerce. What makes us unique is not only our exceptional service quality but also our technical know-how and capacity to anticipate our clients’ demands.

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Third Party Inspection

Lifting Equipment Inspection

Pressure Equipment Inspection

Lifting Gears

Scaffolding Inspection

Anchor Bolt Pull Out Testing

Non Destructive Testing

Torque Testing

Inspection Of Water System

Electrical System & Equipment Inspection

Earth Moving

Inspection Of Personal Protective Equipment

Parks & Amusement Equipment

Tank Inspection

Marine Inspection

Frequently Asked Questions

An impartial organization hired to evaluate the standards of quality, safety, and compliance for goods, procedures, or facilities is known as a third-party inspection service. Third-party inspections, as opposed to internal inspections carried out by the supplier or manufacturer, offer objective assessments to guarantee compliance with guidelines and requirements established by clients or regulatory organizations.

Third-party inspection services offer numerous benefits, including impartial assessments, expertise in specific industries or regulatory requirements and enhanced credibility for your products or projects. By outsourcing inspections to a neutral party, you gain assurance that quality standards are met, potential issues are identified early and risks are mitigated effectively.

Third-party inspection services are widely used by a variety of industries, including manufacturing, construction, oil and gas, aerospace, automotive, pharmaceuticals, and consumer goods. Any industry that prioritizes product quality, safety, and compliance may benefit from the knowledge of independent inspectors in upholding laws and regulations.

Industry rules and stringent ethical standards are followed by third-party inspection bodies to ensure objectivity and reliability. They prevent conflicts of interest by conducting business independently of suppliers, producers, and customers. Furthermore, these organizations frequently go through certification procedures to prove their proficiency and adherence to global norms, guaranteeing the integrity of their inspection services.

CIBMARS comprehensive solutions, which includes auditing, training and certification, promote an ongoing process of operational improvement and better position your company for future success. We support your company not just in streamlining its core operations but also in demonstrating to important stakeholders that you are committed to providing high-quality goods and services.